The Reasons Why Dental Care Is Essential

 Good oral care will translate to better health overall.  When you have dental problems such as cavities or gum diseases, they may interfere with your ability to eat, speak properly, cause you pain and cause you bad breath.   Many people are not aware that substandard dental care can harm areas outside your mouth like the heart, pregnancy chronic inflammation e.g. arthritis.  Through a survey, we can see that germs that are present in gum diseases go all the way to your heart causing heart diseases, clogged arteries and stroke.  Almost all dentists will tell you that dental care is important.   Many things done by your dentists are associated with your overall health despite the fact that you visit a different physician for your physical health and dental health.  Your dentist can say a lot about yourself and your health when they look at your mouth.  Bad breath and discoloration of your tongue could be indicators of health issues affecting your entire body. Practicing good dental hygiene is essential.  Have a look at the benefits of dental care.


You will have better gum health.  Your mouth has rarest gem species.  The bacteria in your mouth can be good which will help you to digest food then others are hazardous and lead to illnesses and infection.   Thorough brushing and flossing your teeth, will cut down the number of harmful bacteria inside your mouth and help to remove the food particles that the bacteria feed on.  When you don't brush or floss appropriately, harmful bacteria will accumulate in your mouth.  Eventually, a substance referred to as plaque will build up in your teeth.   Build-up of plaque will cause the inflammation of gums and cause gum diseases like periodontitis.  Check out this Brooklyn dentist for more details. 


 Having good oral care might mean that you have a healthier pregnancy. Regular Dental checkups are significant during pregnancy. There is ongoing research to examine if pregnant women that have poor oral health are at a higher risk of delivery premature, low birth weight babies compared to pregnant women that have good oral health.  Asthma, ear infections, birth abnormalities and risks of infant deaths are some of the complications that babies who are born prematurely or have low birth weight are vulnerable to.  Women that are pregnant should take of their teeth for themselves and their babies.



Lowers the risk of a heart attack.  Bleeding of gums as a result of gum disease is might cause bacteria found in your mouth to enter the bloodstream and circulate in your whole body. If it goes all the way to your heart, it increases the chances of getting a heart attack. Look up Park Slope family dentistry online to know your options in the area. 


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